World War Z, an upcoming game for Xbox, PC, and PS4 will have six playable classes. The game will come with a four-player multiplayer function. These classes are set to be fun-filled, while at the same time providing players with an exceptional gaming experience. The Saber Interactive zombie shooter game is a popular primarily due to its amazing zombie hordes. The playable classes in the game include Slasher, Exterminator, Hellraiser, Gunslinger, Fixer, and Medic. All of the classes are not the same and feature different types of weapons.

Slasher: Melee Focus  

The rewards in this class focus on advancing close-quarter attack and damage. In the class, the player gets a taser for delivering electrifying results, and the Slasher is a favorite for warriors who have a great sense of elegance and uniqueness. Players can use their trusty blade in the Slasher class to attack as many enemies as they wish. Additionally, in the Slasher class, there is no limitation to the extent of damage you can cause to your opponents. Players only require being resourceful and tactful in their attacks.


Just like its name, the Exterminator class involves increased fire damage, as the attackers/players are armed highly efficient Molotov cocktails. The most interesting aspect about the class is that the exterminator (player) desires to see all zombies burn. With the right skill-set and a strategic approach, players will most definitely find the class interesting.


Armed with C4 explosives, the Hellraiser class provides explosive solutions to every hurdle and challenge in the game. The class provides players with the requisite tools for efficient control. With the right manipulation of the classes, players are able to control the masses effectively. Players get as many explosives as they wish so that they can find their way across the masses.


For players who prefer shooting instantly rather than asking questions first, this class is a perfect playing level for them. Gunslinger boasts of an unlimited arsenal of weaponry damage and ammo that are aimed at mowing down the dead opponents. The weapons have a high attacking power, enabling players to overcome any threat and attack from the opponents.


If you are looking for versatility in the World War Z game, then the Fixer class is the ultimate level for you. Featuring a massive explosive ammo case, the class provides the best highlight of war and chaos in the game. There is a collection of ammo-restoring benefits in the class that will enhance the gaming and fighting experience.


In any war, there are bound to be casualties, and the Medic class enables you to protect your fighting force from suffering any casualties like the dead. The medics have a Stim Pistol and have the capability of healing survivors and controlling the chaos. This is probably the most useful and dependable as it helps in checking at the welfare of the fighting force.


Even though the classes are thrilling and fun-packed, gamers will need to develop the best fighting strategies to keep their fighting capabilities in check. Additionally, a perfect understanding of the game will minimize casualties and damages caused by the opponents.

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