There is nothing more exciting than inviting your friends over for a scary game night. You can play all of the scariest games that were ever made. If you are into horror, guts and blood, then this can be a fun way to reconnect with old friends with similar interests as yours. Having a scary games night can be fun and thought provoking if you understand how to play some of the most scary games ever made. This article will show you what makes a scary game, list and describe some of these scary games from the past and those that are on the market today.

What Makes a Game Scary?

 You will soon discover that scary games often have common elements. They are filled with blood and scary stories. When you play a scary game, the lights are usually turned off at your home to give it an even scarier affect. There are many scary games that can be played at home, school, work or around the campfire when it gets dark.

Until Dawn: Rush of Bloods

Rush of Bloods

This is a virtual reality game where you are armed with two pistols and going down a demon possessed Minecraft. You must shoot anything that moves or gushes blood. The rate at which you are moving changes speed along with other surprises along the way. A true blood and guts reality game that will leave you panting for more. This game is played on your playstation4 console.

Lone Survivor

In this virtual reality game, you are the only known human being alive. There are creeping monsters all around and you must survive through all of it. Barely lit corridors and things that go bump in the night. As you search for food and supplies, your strength is being tested. The longer you stay deprived from food, your energy will dwindle and reality and non-reality begin to become a mixture in your mind. What is real? And what is not real? That is the question for this Lone Survivor most scary game ever made.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear

One of the most graphically horrifying games thus far, this video reality game allows you to go through a maze of surprises. The door handle may not be there after you open up a room. Things keep changing into horrifying images and once you get through a room, when you turn around it may be gone. Anything can and will happen when you are playing Layers of Fear. It is one of Nintendo’s legacy games and by far one of the most scary games ever made.

These are just some of the most scary games in the history of gaming. As you can see they involve staying focused on what is in front of you, because it may just disappear. Some of the games involve storytelling around the campfire and others are virtual reality games. They all are about horror and gruesome sights. Shooting and killing and scary images all over the house. Being alone in a world where you think that you are the only one alive. There are so many surprises that are scarier than the next just around each corner. These are some of the most scary games ever made. Keep them on your short list for horrifying enjoyment all year long.

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