Best survival horror games in 2019

Arguably, almost every person love games that inspire a strong reaction. Accordingly, horror games have tried everything to scare players. These games are fun as hell in that the violence of the other games are newly purposeful. There are games that came alive with the possibility of horror whether it is splattery gore or game mechanics. While 2018 did not scare us to our expectations, 2019 is truly a year that promise to do that. Here are some of the best horror games to watch out in 2019.

1. The Days gone.

Best Survival Horror Games 2019
Best Survival Horror Games 2019

The daring game was set in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The game takes place in certain place after an outbreak of a virus that nearly turns everyone into strange creatures. These creatures are fast and often attack in large groups. This means that when they attack you either defend yourself or run for safety. You can play as Deacon St John, a dedicated hunter who travel across the wildness without worrying whether he will be attacked by Freakers. Here he has to penetrate even to the most dangerous sites. To survive, he has not only have to face his enemies but also his real friends.

2. The sinking city.

It features a lot of strange sea creatures and gods which can make you go mad. This game is being developed by Frogwares, the same which created the Sherlock Holmes PC series. It mainly explores Massachusetts after the town is engulfed by freaky floods. This city has been taken away by several monsters. Here you will play as self-declared investigator who go to the city only after the floods have brought a lot of destructions. You will have to use a boat so that you can be able to navigate the flooded city of Massachusetts.

3. World war Z.

So that 2019 can be a year full of Zombies, Saber interactive set this terrible game in a fictional universe. This game has been influenced greatly by Left 4 Dead. The four survivors will have to cooperate greatly so that they can avoid the zombies in the region. It is a must for you to choose one of the four characters if you want to eliminate all the zombies around you. In total, there are 12 characters.

4. Dying light 2.

This game is about a tough agent who escapes into a city so that he can take down a warlord. This time the game is developed in a big city though the zombies here are different. In Dying light 2, humans are the real source of trouble while at night the zombies are responsible for any tension. It is your decision in this game that will affect how safe you are in the city. Therefore, if you want to be of the safe side, thinking twice will be inevitable.

5. Someday you’ll return.

If you prefer more driven exploration and less combat, then this might be the best option for you. Here you will play as a character by name Daniel. Daniel is looking for his daughter in the forest. As you look for this girl, you have to revisit about what you have gone through in the past. So that you can have an easy operation, you will have to make your own tools. It is your survival skills that will make your search successful.

For sure, the above games are the ones that will truly leave you breathless and confused in 2019.

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