Interactive game productions are at the rise in the modern society; you will not go a day without a new strategy tagged game in the new release list. Even with this rise where producers are seeking fresh new ways to make themselves more marketable in the gaming realm. Even by shattering the green indie project, there is this title that managed to a notable breakthrough before the whole system was brought down at a very untimely period. Acaratus- it is an amazing title that could be accessed until early April. Its 1.01 update that had the game added some 15 minutes of fame made the game more visible to our eyes before it was again given a blow by the high price it obtained.

The setting

Acaratus, as earlier mentioned is a turn-based strategy game that has a set of the world fighters, together with angry orks or glissading insectoids. The game features old-time tales with steam-powered machinery. It features the theme of slavery that was taking place at the time in your typical steampunk affair.

The game sets off with animated and cinematic game plays the moment you start the game, therefore, giving a different taste compared to the action. The mixing of the scene of the motion pictures and the words over in the game felt problematic since it was difficult to hear the words in the game over the music therein. As much as this was saddening to me, it still got pleased and appreciated the time it took to have something like that in a typical indie budget. The game is broken into several sections of text exchanges, the world map points like the road, town escapement or through smaller side quests. Commencing the game by going straight into the gameplay, you will realize that you need to fight against your enemy in one swift bout.

The battles

In the battles, you have yourself commandeering the battle suit across the map as you battle the foes all over the place. By clicking on your unit, you move them in some distance or several steps which is dependent with their suit type. You again decide to attack blindly in a melee or ranged combat against the enemy until the battlefield is clear.

The Pros and cons

The game though is not without turns and twists; you will find out as you play on that at sometimes you find yourself having small army chunks of metal. In such a situation the battlefields will then begin to seem cluttered as small units block each other’s way accidentally on each other’s paths. Such movement will then display the risks of taking more damage from a blow to the back, here, the decision making becomes somewhat stressing to you. It is only fair to think and describe of such a move as that of a wise chess player piece.

The story mode

There is the story mode that consumes some time, is present in the snowy world and plays out like any other common turn-based strategy game. You are first presented with the game tutorial upon which are presented to you with the world map in which many points are interconnected to each other raging from town to town watchtowers and pathways in which they temporally block you from traveling back to the starting point. This point, each of them has the capability of hosting an event. For instance, quest points may aid you to defeat the enemy on their spot or elsewhere and therefore obtain the reward kept which may be gold or gear. Others like a town feature blacksmith who can restore your health (units) and also allow the mechanics to feature your hotbar also allowing you to choose another fresh new teammate.


To ease up on the several shortcomings, the game gives you the experience to level up through quests and fights. It also gives the real-time gaming experience where some instances are easier, but others prove to be more trivial. The battlefield experience is not that exaggerated since they have the saving grace and the ability to go back to the town to re-strategize in case things don’t work out our way.
In conclusion, the video game Acaratus is quite a good one in the genre, for a small fee you get a game that is worth your money and time. The team seems to have decided the game to compel players to push on for it appeals. Its elements are captivating even though it’s not the best in the market currently.

For more information check out the official site at:  and the steam community hub.

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