The hangar is where you construct your mechanical units (also known as mechs or battle suits), and choose which combination of mechs you want to bring to battle. To enter the hangar, click on the little cogwheel icon to the left of the loadout, or press the 'q' shortcut key.

Building a Battle Suit

To create your first unit (aka Battle suit) click on the little plus icon which says add at the top of the screen. You have six slots available and you are able to edit units at a later stage.

Building Menu

To create your first unit, click on the "add"-button, located in the top panel labeled "Your builds". There are currently eight available slots, each mech built uses one slot, and you may edit your mechs any time you visit the hangar.

Step One : Pick a core

The core is the most important piece of your mech; it provides the necessary slots for attachments, and has great influence on unit health and stack size. Each core is designed to promote a different flavour of mech.

Step Two : Locomotion

Choose the driving part of your unit! To be able to move your mech around, you need legs or propellers of some sort. Different options may give your unit more movement range with some drawbacks, or less movement range with some benefits. Legs and propellers also give the unit different movement patterns on the board; some legs may move far diagonally, but short when moving straight.

Step Three : Arm your unit

Go nuts and add whatever weapons, boosters and shields you want for your build. Your unit's stats will update as you build, so remember to keep an eye on them.

You can spin the unit around by right mouse drag on the unit.

Finally, give your creation a name and save! You have now created your first battle suit and are ready to add him to the loadout.



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