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Cards in Acaratus

To access the card overview, click on the little icon with cards to the right of the loadout.

Acaratus has a card system that goes hand in hand with the chess-like battles between mechs on the board. Though the design and function of each card is subject to change as we see fit, the purpose will stay the same - playing a card gives the player an edge that could mean the difference between glorious victory, and bitter defeat.
Playing a card in the game requires Command Points. Each game, players start with a few Command Points(CP), and as the game goes on, you receive more and more CP.

The Card

Let's take a look at the graphic design of our cards in Acaratus. In the middle of the card, there is a memorable illustration that sets each card apart from the rest. The number in the top-middle part of the card represents the Command Point cost, this is the amount of CP you need in order to play the card. In the bottom section of the card, we find the name of the card, as well as an icon that will appear on affected mech if the card has lasting buff/debuff effects.

Card Types

There are three different categories of cards: buff cards, command cards, and debuff cards.

The blue buff cards, are cards which provide your mechs with temporary boosts that either work instantly or over time. Some buff card examples: Guard, Haste, Dodge.

The white command cards, are usually cards that target the playing field or the commanders and their classes. Some command card examples: Strike, Timebandit, Flipcover.

The red debuff cards, are cards which target opponent mechs and temporarily worsen or disable them. Some debuff card examples: Slow, Suppress, Weaken.

Building Your Deck

Your cards and mechs work in synergy on the battlefield, therefore it is important to build your deck according to the mech setup you have.

When you have a defensive squad of mechs, will you pick a defensive set of cards? Or perhaps balance the defensiveness of your squad with some offensive cards? Your choice of cards lets you choose between disabling your opponent's units, boosting your own, stealing cards from your opponent, or maybe altering the board a bit with makeshift covers and land mines. It's there for you to play with.





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