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Check out the site at  and wishlist us!

For those of you who dont know the release of our Early Access is in February 2016!

You can also have a chat with us on our official steam discussion forum here:




We are super happy to give you a sneak peek at a digital deluxe edition for you guys! The standard version will only contain the game but the Deluxe Edition will have our digital book and soundtrack together with the game!

More information on where it will be available and price will be announced at a later date! Thanks to all our supporters and hope you all look forward to this release as much as we do!

We are happy to announce that we now have a Cinematic Illustrator on the team! He is going to take care of the illustrations of the cinematics for act 1,2 and 3. Together with Martin they will do some great visual trickery to give you an engaging story with a visual fair.

Thomas Stoop is a talented artist who has done some wonderful work and you can check them out here:

We are now officially a part of DHS 2015 in Jönköping!  Meet us and have a chat or try out our first public demo! We will also have a contest and other fun stuff available so don’t miss it =) See you there!

More info about dreamhack can be found here:



Acaratus has an article featured in the May (2015) issue of the Polish gaming magazine CD-Action! We are thankfull for the attention and hope to deliver the a great tactical game.


you can check out the magazine here:

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We have great news to all of you! Future has a game in store for you and it is Acaratus! ON STEAM!

We got greenlit by the community couple of days ago and all thanks to you guys!

So what does the future bring you ask? Well early access is something we are thinking of but no date is official yet but keep an eye open on our website or social media to keep track of what we are doing and how its developing!

Once again great thanks from the team!


Script for the story is done so keep an eye out for our story sumary but here is the main theme of the game to get you into the groove of the world!


The score for our game is getting structured and has found it’s sound. Rafael Krux is working hard on getting the main theme down and we would like to share a earlier piece that we really like!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


We are also proud to be a part of Gameport now! An incubator based in Karlshamn that help smaller game companies to grow and build the game they always wanted!


Together with Gameport we have layed down a strategy for how the devlopment will work the coming year and a plan on how to get the funding we need to work fulltime.


For more info about gameport check out the site